Collection: Lens Mount Adapter to Sony E-Mount Camera

When attaching various lenses to the Sony αE mount body

The bodies used are those of the NEX series, α5000 & 6000 series, α7 series, and α9 series.

The shape of the light shielding plate inside the mount was revised to support full-size sensors.
The shape is devised to reduce internal reflection as much as possible. We are persistent in bringing out the depiction of the attached lens.

With the LM-SαE attached
There is a light shielding plate inside the mount to cover the electrical contacts.

The inner wall of the adapter is shaped to reduce internal reflection as much as possible.

Confirmed operation with the α7C (October 2020)

It was confirmed that shooting was possible with the α7C without any problem.

The α7C is smaller and lighter than the previous α7 series, thus it is suitable for small lenses, such as the M mount.
It seems to be a good body when enjoying shooting by eye sight with a wide-angle lens + an optical finder.
Voigtländer Ultra-Wide-Heliar 12 mm F5.6 and Carl Zeiss Biogon 28 mm F2.8 ZM are combined.

Recommended settings when using the α7C

(This setting makes it easy to use with a mount adapter.)

Assign Focus Enlargement to the AF-ON button on the back of the camera body.
(It may be assigned to another button according to your preference.)

In MENU, Camera mark 2 (page 9/10), 1st line (still image),
set Custom key AF-ON button to Focus Enlargement (page 14/27).

* With the above setting, the enlargement factor (enlargement cancel) is switched each time the AF-ON button is pressed.

Adjust the enlargement position with up / down / left / right of the control wheel.

* If you want to cancel the enlargement by pressing the shutter halfway, it is possible with the following setting.

In MENU, Camera mark 1 (page 13/14), 4th line, set AF during focus enlargement to “OFF.”


Recommended settings when using other bodies

SONY aE body Example photos

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