Sony αE Series: Body Setting

The settings that make it easy to use with a mount adapter are summarized.
The information at the time of the release of the camera body is summarized. It may have changed because of a software update for the camera, so please use it as a reference.

Recommended settings when using the α7RⅢ

・Assign Focus Enlargement to the C2 button (Custom button 2).

In MENU, Camera mark 2 (page 8/9), 1st line (still image), set the Custom button from Focus Area to Focus Enlargement (page 12/23).

* The enlargement factor (enlargement cancel) is switched each time the C2 button is pressed. Adjust the enlargement position with up / down / left / right of the multi-selector.

* If you want to cancel the enlargement by pressing the shutter halfway, it is possible with the following setting. In MENU, Camera mark 1 (page 13/14), 4th line, set AF during focus enlargement to “OFF.”

・Set Electronic front-curtain shutter to “OFF.”

In MENU, Camera mark 2 (page 4/9), 2nd line, set Electronic front-curtain shutter to “OFF.”

* This setting prevents coarse bokeh from being broken when using a large-diameter lens. The setting also prevents uneven screen brightness with a high-speed shutter.

  • The camera side mount of the α7RⅢ is slightly harder than that of the α7Ⅱ series.
  • When attaching our adapter to the α7RⅢ body, it may feel hard, but this is not a problem.

Recommended settings when using α6500

When adjusting the focus, the enlarged display of the live view screen is started by double tapping the rear LCD monitor.
To end the enlarged display, double-tap the monitor again.
When the [AF during Focus Enlargement] setting is [OFF], it is possible to end the display by pressing the shutter button halfway.

  • The camera side mount of α6500 is slightly harder than those of the α7Ⅱ and α7RⅡ.
  • When attaching our adapter to α6500, it may feel hard, but it is manufactured so that it feels about the same as the genuine lens.
  • Please contact us if you think something is wrong during attachment or if you cannot attach the lens.

Recommended settings when using the α7Ⅱ or α7RⅡ

In menu, Gear mark, 1st page, set the Focus enlargement time to Unlimited.

The screen enlargement for focusing can be set with the C2 button near the shutter button.
(Can be replaced with the C1 button according to your preference)

In menu, Camera mark, 7th page, set Shake correction to “ON.”

In the shake correction setting below that, enter the shake correction focal length.
(enter the focal length of your lens)

* * * Be sure to change the setting after changing the lens. * * *