Easy Cover SONY α7 III / α7R III /α9  & Screen Protector [2colors]

Easy Cover SONY α7 III / α7R III /α9 & Screen Protector [2colors]

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Protect your camera from impact shock and scratches!

Some common problems encountered when using your camera:

  1. You had to adjust the neck strap because the buckle scratched your camera.
  2. While traveling on a ship, you bumped your camera against another person’s camera.
  3. When you saw cute cats, you were about sit down to snap a picture but your camera fell on hard concrete.
  4. When you shot a lively scene during a motocross event, your camera got covered in grit and dust and it took 2 hours to clean it.
  5. You have had to replace your camera many times over due to quick wear and tear.
  6. You want to sell your camera at a higher price. and the situations above are just a few.

Examples....Once you have tried the skin for three months, you will be able to appreciate its benefits on the condition of your camera.

*Perfect fit, realiable shield
*Keeps your camera functional
*Suitable for all lenses
*High quality material
*Shock & scratchproof
*Can be washed
*Battery access
*Extra grip
*All sensor accessible
*Memory card access

Material: High quality silicone
With Screen Protector
Made in China