Miyamoto Seisakusho and Rayqual

Miyamoto Seisakusho was founded in 1948 as a metal processing factory. We specialize in precision machining, started manufacturing macro rings for single-lens reflex cameras for export around 1973, and have supplied macro rings to a German camera manufacturer on an OEM basis. Manufacturing of macro rings started with those for the M42 mount, and the number of compatible mounts has since increased.

Photo: Macro ring for the M42 mount

Photo: For the Canon FD (Left) For the Nikon F mount (Right)

Photo: Design scenery of the macro ring for the Konica AR mount (early 1980s)

About the Rayqual brand name

Our brand name of Rayqual was coined from ray (light) + equal (same). We want to make a high-precision mount adapter that can obtain the same image (light) as the original photo even when shooting with a lens and camera body from different companies using our mount adapter. Our brand name expresses the enthusiasm of such a manufacturer.

By using mount adapters, it is possible to make effective use of the devices or to use a famous lens for a camera body, which is difficult to obtain now, with the latest cameras.
The adapters will greatly expand the world of cameras. We hope you enjoy the variety of different shooting methods.

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