L39 (ADJ Type) Stop Position Adjusting Method

1. Adapter Parts Nomenclature (Lens Mount Side)

  [A]: Body

[B]: Lens Mount

[C]: Center Line

[D]: Mount Fixing Screws

[E]: Infinity Stop Mark

[F]: Scale (each mark is roughly 2°)


2. Lens Stop Position Adjustment

Detach the adapter from the camera body before performing lens end position adjustment

●Attach the lens to the adapter, and confirm the offset angle and offset direction between the lens end position prior to adjustment (photo left) and the desired end position (photo right).

Please check using the lens' distance index position and the adapter's scale as reference points.

●Detach the lens from the adapter.

●Loosen the mount fixing screws (all five).

It is enough to loosen the fixing screws roughly half a turn

●Rotate the lens mount to adjust the lens stop position.

(Example) If lens is offset clockwise from the desired end position, rotate the lens mount counterclockwise.

●Tighten the mount fixing screws (all five) to secure the lens mount.

●Attach the lens to the adapter, and confirm the end position.
Please fine-tune the end position by repeating the above steps until you reach the desired mounting position.

●Adjustment is finished (The lens index is at the 12 o'clock position.)


3. Resetting the Adapter to the Factory Default Stop Position

Aligning the center of the black-colored mount fixing screw with the center of the adapter's scale (the longest mark) will reset it to the factory default end position.