Hasselblad (V System) Lens Mirrorless Body Mount Adapter

(Attaching Hasselblad lenses to the Sony αE mount body or the Fuji X mount body)


Internal Reflection Measures

Care is taken to install light shielding plates and treat the inner wall to reduce internal reflections caused by the adapter as much as possible.
(The light shielding plate also has the effect of concealing the electronic contacts of the camera.)

HS-SαE (left)   HS-FX (right)


High Robustness

The adapters are designed/manufactured with an emphasis on rigidity and robustness.
Furthermore, the stability of tripod shooting is provided with the tripod mount that emphasizes the robustness.
(The tripod mount cannot be removed)

Adapter Weight: Approx. 250 g (HS-SαE, HS-FX)


(Tripod Mount Example) :Planar 80mm f2.8 + HS-SαE + α7s


Design that fits your hand

The adapter is designed with a knurl around its periphery for comfortable holding in the hand.



Shooting using the center area of the medium format lens

Since the center area of the large image circle of a medium format lens is used for shooting, distortion and limb darkening are minimized, and sharp, uniform images are captured all the way to the periphery.



for SONY aE mount
for FUJI X mount



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