Deckel Mount (DKL-LM) Lens Adapter

Attaching the Deckel mount lenses, Voigtlander, and Kodak Retina onto various bodies


Internal Reflection Measures

Care is taken to install a light shielding plate and treat the inner wall to reduce internal reflections caused by the adapter as much as possible.



Aperture Operation

The aperture is operated using the aperture operation ring on the adapter.
A provided click on each aperture position is advantageous for bracketing.

A click for 1.9 is provided next to F2, which facilitates wide open shooting using a Retina-Xenon 50 mm F1.9and other lens



for Leica M mount
for SONY E mount
for Leica M mount
for Micro 4/3 mount

*1 The range finder is not interlocked when this adapter is used on the Leica M Mount Body.
Usage with a body with the live view function is assumed.

*2 When using with a single lens reflex (SLR) body, the pint ring may interfere with the mirror near infinity
(contact of lens rear end and camera mirror).
Customers considering the purchase of a product for SLR body, please contact Miyamoto Seisakusho.
The interference is much less likely for an SLR digital camera with an APS sensor.


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