Collection: Lens Mount Adapter to Leica L-Mount

*Super-Angulon 21 mm F3.4 and 21 mm F4 cannot be attached.
(Lens rear protrusion interferes with the light shielding plate in front of the sensor)Furthermore, use a retractable lens without retracting it.

Canon FD lens -  LA body

Nikon F lens -   LA body

Contax/Yashica lens -   LA body

Nikon S /  Contax C -  LA body
* Nikon S and Contax C cameras are cameras that comply with a standard for the mount part with inner claws and outer claws. This adapter is the type for external claw lenses only. (It is not compatible with inner claw lenses.)

Nikon S, Contax C Outer claw lens compatibility list (PDF file)

[Internal Reflection Measure]
Light shielding plate is installed for internal reflection measure
(Also has an effect of concealing the electronic contacts of the camera)

Photo: (Left) LM-EOSR   Without Light Shielding Plate
       (Right) LM-EOSR With Light Shielding Plate

*Light shielding plate conceals the lens rear silver area and
reduces the inner reflection.

[Adapter Thickness Accuracy]
The thickness of the adapter (flange back) is finished with high precision so that
the infinity mark (∞) on the lens and infinity in actual shooting coincide
with high precision.
The more precise the thickness of the adapter, the greater the distance between
the distance scale on the lens and the actual focus position will match,
and facilitates the shooting utilizing the distance scale.
It is also very advantageous when it is difficult to adjust the focus
with the viewfinder or monitor, such as when shooting night scenes.

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