Collection: Lens Mount Adapter to Fujifilm X-Mount Camera

(Attaching various lenses to the Fuji X mount body)

Confirmed operation with all X mount bodies, including the X-Pro2 / X-T2 / X-H1

Could confirm operation with the X-H1 (March 2018)

Recommended Settings for the X-H1

(Settings for ease of use with a mount adapter)

Set the "Release Without Lens" on the camera body to ON
(Other than ON, the shutter cannot be released)
Setup of the 6th item (symbol of wrench) in the menu → Operation Button/Dial Setting
→ (3rd Line on page 2/3) Switch the "Release Without Lens" to ON

Set the Focus Mode Switching Lever in front of camera to M

For enlarging the screen, press the Rear Command Dial in the upper right of the LCD (near the thumb).
(Rotate to change the magnification and move the focus area using the focus lever)

Setting of shake prevention function (shake reducing function)
Setting for shooting of the 3rd item (symbol of camera) in the menu
→ (7th Line) Set the Shake Prevention Mode to "Always" or "Shooting"
→ (8th Line) Enter the focal length of lens mounted using the "Mount Adapter Setting"
(Do not forget to set up the focal length whenever the lenses are changed)

LM-FX: Leica M Lenses

Various Types for SLR Lenses

Types with Aperture Ring NFG-FX   Sα-FX   PDA-FX

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