[NEW!]Rayqual Mount Adapter for Leica VISOFLEX II/III Lens

[NEW!] for Leica L body



100% Made in Japan Mount adapter.
You have chosen your camera which is a Japanese precision-made instrument,
and you have chosen your lens which is a Japanese precision-made instrument, then
why don't you choose a Japanese precision-made Lens Mount Adapter?

Our camera mount adapters are manufactured in Japan by our meticulous and skilled craftsmen. Our adapters boast remarkable workmanship and are 100% made in Japan so no one can beat our quality.
We recommend individual adapters for every lens purchased/owned.

It is manufactured by the Rayqual, Tokyo, Japan, who are renown specialists
in the manufacture of camera lens mount adapters. The company has enjoyed tremendous success and an enviable reputation in Japan in this specialized area.

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