Let's Try! - Repair and Maintenance of Cameras

Let's Try! - Repair and Maintenance of Cameras
"Let's Try! - Repair and Maintenance of Cameras," a manual for
repairing and maintaining mechanical cameras and lenses, is now
available as an Amazon eBook.

Michio Ozeki has written the definitive repair bible for mechanical
cameras. The book provides detailed instructions on the repair of 24
camera models that are available at used camera shops and online
auctions to help beginners trying camera repair for the first time. He
also provides a history of mechanical cameras based on his experience
in repair work at the Camera Manufacturing Department at Nikon USA and
Nikon GmbH, where he worked assembling their main models
(SP/F/F/F2/F4). The tools and materials needed for repair are listed
at the end of the book.

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