Leica VISOFLEX II/III Lens Adapter

(Attaching Leica VISOFLEX lenses to various bodies)

Lineup of Three Types I/ II/ III for VISOFLEX
This adapter is compatible with Type II and Type III lenses.
Type I lenses are attached in combination with the Leica adapter OUBIO16466.


New products to the lineup for the Canon RF Mount and for the Nikon Z Mount
Released on November 15, 2021

for Canon RF Mount body / for Nikon Mount body

left)  ELMAR 65mmF3.5 (with Focusing Mount 16464) + VISO-EOSR + Canon EOS R
right)  HEKTOR 12.5cm + OUBIO 16466 + VISO-NZ + Nikon Z7


for Canon RF Mount body / for Nikon Mount body

left) ELMAR 65mmF3.5 (with Focusing mount 16464) + VISO-LM + Leica M (TYP240)
right)  HEKTOR 12.5cm + OUBIO 16466 + VISO-SαE + SONY α7S



for Leica M mount body

for SONY E mount body

for FUJI FX mount body

for Nikon Z mount body
for Canon RF mount body
for Nikon F mount body
for Canon EF mount body
for Leica L mount body
*1 The range finder is not interlocked when this adapter is used on the Leica M Mount Body.
Usage with a body with the live view function is assumed.

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